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metso näkyy varvikon keskelta


Capercaillie cock is the largest European grouse. This three-foot-tall majestic bird’s primitive courting sounds guarantee an unforgettable experience. The cocks settle out their superiority in ardent courting games on their lekking ground – and we are the front seat spectators. By the end of April, before the ”hen week”, the alpha cock has prevailed and will couple with all the hens of the area. In the early morning, the lek is visited usually by three to five cocks, with the dominating alpha-cock often only thirty feet from the hides. Our hides are specially designed for professional bird photographers and those are located in an area that has been visited by the birds for decades.

Photographing season: 20.4.-20.5.

Photographing session: From 12 to 14 hours

Capacity: 6 people

Prices: 160 euros/person/day. The first photographing session requires an orientation of how to handle everything in there. It has a cost of 200 euros/group.

Covid-19 corona pandemic cancellation terms:

In case of nationwide or international traveling restrictions, customer can cancel the reservation and is entitled to a refund excluding 50 € of management and money transferring fees. As an option customer may transfer the reservation to another time period without extra charges. Reservation can be changed into an open reservation with the amount that was paid for the original reservation. This open reservation is valid a year from the original date.

General information:

The Capercaillie lek lies in a light coniferous forest, and three to five cocks lek at the site every year. The hens arrive at the edges of the lek at the end of April, and the “hen week” usually takes place in early May. The snow at the site usually melts around mid-May.

Hide information: There are two different Capercaillie lekking sites. The one where birds are more active will be the chosen one. There are 4 professional hides, of which two bigger ones for two person and two smaller ones are single cabins. The hides have 4 to 8 shooting holes, which offer a shooting sector of almost 360 degrees. Cameras can be attached on tripod heads, which are tightened on a wooden plank. The hides are equipped with pillows and sleeping bags and a terrain toilet.

Photo session: 12-14 hours. The entrance to the hides must be the previous evening, before the arrival of the cocks. The session ends in the morning after the departure of the cocks from the lek. During the photographing session is not allowed to come out of the hiding place, because Capercaillies can be disturbed.

Location: 30 minutes by car from the centre of Kuusamo, and about 100-meter walk.

Weather: Spring in Kuusamo can still be quite cold, with temperatures dropping below zero during night time. Sometimes very heavy snow showers can occur even in early May.

Heating: Gel fuel heater

Distance to subjects: at closest 5-10 metres, but usually 20-40 metres

Recommended lenses: 70-200/300mm for birds on landscapes shots, 300-600mm for portraits

Orientation: Variable as Capercaillies will move around the hides.

Mobile phone coverage: Yes

Check more photos taken from the hides at our Flickr –gallery

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