Golden Eagle Photography

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The Golden Eagle photography hides are located in a spectacular hill surrounded by pine tree forest. A marvelous scenery with a view over the Oulanka River canyon. In the heart of the winter an old resident pair of Golden Eagles visit the feeding site. In December – February the Eagles perch in the snow-rimed trees at the feeding area. Other species to photograph at the site included e.g. Black Woodpecker, Siberian Tit, Crested Tit, Siberian Jay, Grey-headed Woodpecker, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Eurasian Jay, Raven, White-tailed Eagle and Red Squirrel. The feeding site was started in 1996, and the annual daily Eagle probability is over 95%.

Photographing season: 15.9. – 30.4.

Photographing session: From 6 to 10 hours

Capacity: 12 person

Prices: 180 euros/person/day. Snow mobile transportation 50 euros/way (max. 3 people). The first photographing session requires an orientation of how to handle with everything in there. It has a cost of 200 euros/group.

Covid-19 corona pandemic cancellation terms:

In case of nationwide or international traveling restrictions, customer can cancel the reservation and is entitled to a refund excluding 50 € of management and money transferring fees. As an option customer may transfer the reservation to another time period without extra charges. Reservation can be changed into an open reservation with the amount that was paid for the original reservation. This open reservation is valid a year from the original date.

General information:

Hide information: There are two connected professional hides (for 4+5 person) and one separated hide (for 3 person) with a capacity of 12 photographers at the same time. There is one shooting hole per person. Of course, if the hides are not full, a photographer can use more than one. Cameras can be attached on tripod heads, which are tightened on a wooden plank. Tripods cannot be used. The hides are equipped with an outdoor toilet, heater and sleeping bags for overnighters.

Photo session: It lasts from 6 to10 hours. Arrival at the hide in the dark is not compulsory. During the photographing session is not allowed to come out of the hide, because the eagles are frightened if they perceive movement and they might leave.

Location: One hour by car from the centre of Kuusamo and around 1.5km walk. Transportation by snow mobile is also available.

Weather: In January-February winter can be harsh with temperatures dropping below -25 C. The first snow usually comes in October and melts away in May, so there should be snow on the ground at all times during the photography season.

Clothing: Warm winter boots and jacket recommended. In case you don’t have your own, we can borrow you proper boots and warm winter overalls.

Distance to subjects: 20m to the eagles on the bait and 40-50m to the perching trees. Smaller birds are closer, around 5m.

Recommended lenses: 100-400mm zoom lenses or 300-600mm telephoto lenses + possible extenders. Also is possible to use smaller lenses for example 70-200mm for bird in the landscape pictures.

Mobile phone coverage: Yes

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