Kalasaaksi kalanpyynnissa


Photographing season: 25.4.-15.5. ja 15.7. -31.8.

Photographing session: 12 to 14 hours

Capacity: 10 person

Price: 150 euros / person / day

General information:

The hides are located at a local fish farm that was established in the late 1960’s and the Ospreys have visited the site ever since. The fish ponds provide easy source of food for Ospreys which is essential to successfully raise their young. Due to the long history of the site, Ospreys have gotten used to people working here. Therefore it is possible to change hides even in the middle of the session to get different shooting angles or light on the birds.

Photography season divides into two parts: 1) Late April – mid May for migrating Ospreys, and 2) mid July – end of August for Ospreys fishing for their young and young Ospreys learning to fish on their own. During season 1, there are on average 15 to 20 dives per day, but top days can have even up to 40 to 50 dives!

Hide information: There are three four person hides and 2 two person hides with a capacity of 8 photographers at the same time. In addition there is a possibility 2 portable canvas hides are available (2 persons in total). There is one shooting hole per person. Of course, if the hides are not full, a photographer can use more than one. Cameras can be attached on tripod heads, which are tightened on a wooden plank. Tripods cannot be used. There are terrain toilets inside of the big (4 person) hides.

Photo session: 

Location: 45 minutes by car from the centre of Kuusamo and 100 meter walk to the hide.

Distance to subjects: at closest 5-10 meters, but usually 20-30 meters.

Recommended lenses: 70-200/300mm for birds on landscapes shots, 300-600mm for portraits

Mobile phone coverage: Yes

Check more photos taken from the hides at our Flickr –gallery!

If you are interested in Osprey photography in Kuusamo, don’t hesitate to contact us: info@kuusamonaturephotography.fi.