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Waterfowl photography

Photographing season: 1.4. – 10.5.

Photographing session: From 4 to 6 hours, morning from 4 to 8 am and evening from 6 to 10 pm

Capacity: 10 person

Prices: 140 euros/person/day. The first photographing session requires an orientation of how to handle with everything in there. It has a cost of 50 euros/person and 200 euros/group (4 or more).

Covid-19 corona pandemic cancellation terms:

In case of nationwide or international traveling restrictions, customer can cancel the reservation and is entitled to a refund excluding 50 € of management and money transferring fees. As an option customer may transfer the reservation to another time period without extra charges. Reservation can be changed into an open reservation with the amount that was paid for the original reservation. This open reservation is valid a year from the original date.

General information: 

The hides are located at the lake, where the river flows down and make unfrozen area in early spring. Big flock of Whooper Swans gathering together, before all the other lakes defrost. Other species at the area of waterfowl hides are fishing White-tailed Eagles, Common Cranes, Bean Goose, Snow Bunting, Smew, etc.

Hide information: There are one big hide with a capacity of 4 photographers at the same time, two small sitting hides for 1 person and three low angle hides (capacity 4 persons), which allow to photograph almost at the ground level. There is one shooting hole per person. Of course, if the hides are not full, a photographer can use more than one. Cameras can be attached on tripod heads, which are tightened on a wooden plank or metal tray. Tripods cannot be used. Low angle hides includes sleeping bags, soft mattresses and beanbags. There are no toilets inside of these hides, but buckets can be used during the photography session.

Photo session: It lasts from 4 to 6 hours. Morning session starts normally before sunrise approx.. at 4am and continue to 8am. Evening session start at 6pm and continue to sunset approx. 10pm.

Location: 45 minutes by car from the centre of Kuusamo and 150 meter walk to the hide.

Weather: Early spring in Kuusamo can still be quite cold, with temperatures dropping below zero during nighttime. Sometimes you can get very heavy snow showers even in early May.

Clothing: Warm winter boots and jacket recommended. In case you don’t have your own, we can borrow you proper boots and warm winter overalls.

Heating: Gel fuel heater and candles

Distance to subjects: at closest 5-10 meters, but usually 20-30 meters.

Recommended lenses: 70-200/300mm for birds on landscapes shots, 300-600mm for portraits

Orientation: Northeast/East

Mobile phone coverage: Yes

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