Project Description

Photo hides

Rent a photo hide in Kuusamo and take the bird pictures of a lifetime!

Want to capture mindblowing frames of Golden Eagles in a beautiful hill landscape? Dreaming of photographing the spectacular Black Grouse at lek, or the mythical performance of Capercaillies displaying deep in the forest? What about getting your own pictures of diving Ospreys?

Kuusamo has many fascinating bird species but without a hide it’s not easy to get close enough to photograph them. A photo hide gives you the chance to witness and capture fantastic shots of these birds at close range, without disturbing them.

We rent out photo hides designed and built by professionals. A network of more than 30 hides gives you the chance to photograph in comfortable settings, at carefully considered angles, against the best possible backgrounds. Every site is designed with the utmost care and consideration towards the wellbeing of the birds.