Project Description

Winter birds of Kuusamo -photo excursion

Explore winter birds of Kuusamo and photograph them at close-range with our photography guides! 

Winter in Kuusamo gives challenges to birds and other wildlife to survive during the cold and dark, but pure and delightful winter season. Only a few species have adapted to our conditions, but its even more fascinating to observe how for example old forest resident Siberian Jay may come close to introduce himself to visitors and hoping for a taste from you. Another bird in the winter in Kuusamo is the White-throated Dipper, enjoying the glorious rapids, diving swiftly at the bottom of the rapids in search of food.

During the excursion we get to know winter birds of Kuusamo, Siberian Jay, White-throated Dipper and some others, and we have a possibility photograph them with a camera or even a phone. The guide is a nature photography professional who tells you about the birds and introduces them to photography, such as composition, different angles, or camera settings according to the wishes of the people.

As well, we have a delicious picnic lunch and coffee, tea or hot chocolate at the fireplace at the Käylä rapids around the lovely landscapes.

Our group is small from 3 to 7 people, so a guide has a good possibility to assist everyone in the group during the excursion. The excursion, including transportation with a normal car or minibus, takes about 5 hours with only few meter walk and suites for everyone.

Excursions start at different hours, depending on light conditions, so we will let you know after reservations, what time your excursions start and end.

Is the time of the trip not right for you? Ask about the possibility at another time or, if you wish, you can also book a private trip for your own group.

Date: November – March.

Duration: 5 hours

Target group: During the excursion, there will be short walks, making the route suitable for almost everyone.

Meals: During the excursion, we provide delicious packed lunch and coffee, tea, or hot chocolate amidst the stunning landscapes of Oulanka National Park.

Group size: 3-7 people, you can also book a private excursion for your own group.

Transportation:  The trip includes transportation by car or minibus.

Price: 150 euros, including transportation from Ruka or Kuusamo, packed lunches and coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, guide services, tips from a professional nature photographer for taking better nature photos, and liability insurance.

Exclusion:  Camera equipment.

Reservations: Book directly through our online store or contact us via email at

  • clothing suitable for current weather
  • please let us know your special diets
  • we cannot guaranteed any wildlife observation or weather condition, but our guide make best for pleasant nature experience
  • we start the excursion when there are at least three adults registered. If there are not enough registrations by 4 pm on the day before, we will cancel the tour and refund the money

Cancellation policy

  • we will charge a cancellation fee of 100% if booking is cancelled 3 days or less before the event
  • we will charge a cancellation fee of 50% if booking is cancelled 7 days or less before the event

Booking calendar

Price: 150 € / person



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