All gift cards over 200 euros come with an additional 100 euros

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Gift cards take the recipient to a photography course or a photo hide!!

With a gift card from Kuusamo Nature Photography, your loved one can join either a nature photography course or a self-guided photo adventure to our hides. This experiential gift is sure to please nature enthusiasts and photography hobbyists. On our guided nature photography courses, participants visit photography locations accompanied by professional nature photographers, while our hides in various locations are available for rent on a daily basis for self-guided photography.

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The new owner of Kuusamo Nature Photography, Mikko Oivukka, offers a special promotion: an additional 100 euros for all gift cards over 200 euros purchased by December 31, 2023.

The gift card can be used for Kuusamo Nature Photography products, such as hide reservations, guide services, or course fees. The gift card cannot be used for accommodation services or other external services.

Treat yourself, gift it to a loved one, or gather a group of friends and embark on a photography adventure in Kuusamo!



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