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Photo excursions in winter

Photo excursions- in winter

Would you like to capture the stunning landscapes and fascinating bird species in the Kuusamo area, even with your own mobile phone?

Would you like to discover new perspectives and receive tips from a professional nature photographer?

Would you like to see and learn to identify the bird species found in Kuusamo? Join us on a nature photography and bird-watching excursion in the wilderness of Kuusamo!

Throughout the year, we organize various exciting trips that focus on either developing your photography skills or bird species identification in the unique nature of Kuusamo. During our excursions, we aim to provide the best experience for every participant, so our group sizes are small, allowing us to focus on helping each participant throughout the day.

Our excursions are led by true professionals in their field: Mikko Oivukka, Jarmo Manninen, Anna Välimäki and Juho Salo.

In our winter week program, you can find bird photography trips to Oulanka National Park as well as landscape photography trips to the legendary Riisitunturi National Park, Kuntivaara and the stunning sceneries of Kitka and Oulanka rivers.

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Please note, if reservations are not possible on the online store or if you need more information, please contact us